Tascam MM-1 Keyboard Mixer Manual

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Tascam MM-1 Keyboard Mixer Manual

I have noticed quite a few posts where folks are looking for the Tascam MM-1 Keyboard Mixer Manual.

This is a really cool 20 channel mixer with some MIDI capability. It can be rack mounted which is nice for storage and transport. The basic audio functions are pretty straight forward, however, most of the questions I see are related to the application of the MIDI functionality.

Tascam MM1 MIDI Function - In Summary

Tascam MM1 MIDI Function

So, the MIDI functionality allows you to set "scenes" where you choose which channels are active, and which channels are muted. It also allows you to switch those by midi commands, using a foot switch to cycle through the scene presets, or by selecting the scenes using the switch on the mixer, which could be handy for the sound man.

All that to say, get the free Tascam MM-1 Keyboard Mixer Manual here.