SX SJM-62 ST Guitar

SX SJM-62 ST Guitar

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– A Second Look at the SX SJM-62
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Now that I’ve had this SX SJM-62 guitar a while, I though I’d give my review of it a second run-thru. Basically, my opinion of it has not changed a bit since my first review of it here on UltimateGuitarTone. But I’ve discovered a bit more about the guitar, and I’ve since acquired the case that Rondo Music sells for it, as well.

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I’m not normally a player who likes a lot of effects, but I’ve been playing around with all my effects on this SX electric guitar and discovered that it seems to like them. Chorus is especially nice on it; very shimmery and airy. I don’t particularly like a really dirty distortion on this guitar, though. Humbuckers simply do that a lot better than single-coils of any type. But with an overdrive, set to a ‘threshold’ such that soft playing yields a fairly clean tone while harder picking gives you some breakup, works really well with this guitar. P-90 style pickups seem to be especially dynamics-sensitive in the first place, and this setup is very effective with either pickup, or both, selected.

I feel that this SX SJM-62 guitar incorporates the best design elements of both Fender and Gibson style guitars. The overall construction, with the bolt-on neck and six-in-line tuners is very Fender-ish, as is the way the body is manufactured and set up. But the Gibson-ish stop tailpiece and intonable ‘tune-o-matic’ style bridge are, to me, a better setup than a Fender style bridge. And of course, the P-90 clone pickups are Gibson-derived.

SX SMJ-60 Guitar Tone

And speaking of the pickups….this type pickup gives you the best characteristics of single-coil pickups, along with some of the solid meatiness of humbuckers. Sparkly highs come thru every bit as much as with a Fender single-coil, but the tone has far more low-end to it than, say, a Strat pickup. All in all, they’re very full-ranged pickups, which gives the player that much more to work with in getting the tone he’s after.

I’ve taken great care not to knock this guitar around, but it has taken a couple of accidentals bumps against hard objects without denting or scratching at all. I suspect the finish is polyurethane, which is a very abrasion-resistant material. This guitar gives the impression that it will definitely hold up under use.

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I mentioned the case earlier. Having a rather unusual shape (I’ve nicknamed my guitar “The Coffee Table”), this guitar won’t fit in just any case, so Rondo Music sells a hardshell case especially for this guitar. I’ve acquired one of these, and am quite pleased with it. It’s light, yet very rigid and seemingly robust. I’ve also discovered that a short-scale bass will fit into it nicely, as well, giving me double duty if I ever want to take my shorty basses out.

SX SMJ-60 Review Summary

So, even after I’ve had this instrument for some time now, I still haven’t found any flaws that have given me any second thoughts about having bought it. I play it almost daily, and more than any other of my instruments. The honeymoon ain’t over with it, nor do I suspect that it will be, anytime soon! Goodbye, Epiphone, so long, Squier. For my money on an Asian-made guitar, SX is my choice these days.

Dave Hughes