SX Jazz Bass Nut Install

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SX Jazz Bass Nut Install

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I found a Jazz Bass Neck on Rondo Music that needed to have the nut slot cut and mounting holes drilled.

I used this neck to build a DIY SX Jazz Bass Project. This jazz bass neck was slimmer with a 1.5" nut. Fender refers to these as a Type A nut and are usually associated with the Jazz style bass.

Rondo Music has lots of B-Stock guitar and bass items. This time, I found a brand new un-drilled SX Jazz bass neck, maple with black block inlay. The best part is the price - $40 shipped.

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Nut Install Procedure

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  1. Measure twice, cut once!

    I was a little worried about this DIY jazz bass neck coming out the way I expected it to. So, I measured, measured, measured and then thought about the cut, then measured again... I'm glad I did!


  2. Cut slots

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    When I was sure of my measurements, I made sure I was cutting on the 'inside' of the nut, so I wouldnt slice the slot too wide. I didn't want to make that mistake, because it's easier to shave out a little wood than it is to add some back!


  3. Remove Excess Wood From Slot
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    Pry out the excess wood. GENTLY. You don't want to damage any of the wood that's left. I just used a flat-blade screwdriver to gently press into the slot and pryed ever so slightly. It just popped out almost level at the bottom of the nut slot.


  4. File Nut Slot Flat

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    Using a file of the exact width of the nut slot, I gently filed the sides until the file reached the bottom of the nut slot. Then, I carefully filed the bottom of the nut slot flat, or 90° to the slot sides. That process formed the slot perfectly. The nut was snug and didn't require any glue to hold it in place.



    SX nut slot Pic


I hope you have as much success with your SX Jazz Bass Nut Installation!