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SX Import Guitars

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Once you realize that virtually all the ‘American’ guitar brands’ lower-priced guitars are made somewhere in Asia (China, Korea, Indonesia, etc.), you might as well consider buying guitars that make no bones about the fact that they’re made in China. Rondo Music, Inc. imports several brands of Chinese-made guitars, such as SX, Agile, Douglas, & Brice. All these brands (to my eyes, ears, & hands) deliver much more bang for the buck than any comparably-priced import guitar with an ‘American’ brand-name on it.

I personally own two ‘SX’ brand instruments, and am much more than satisfied with their quality at their price range. I’ve also seen and played ‘Agile’ and ‘Douglas’ brand instruments, and those are even better. A friend of mine has a Agile brand ‘Les Paul look-alike’, and it’s so good that if someone were to blindfold me and hand me that guitar to feel and play, I’d almost swear it was a real Les Paul. The weight, feel, and sound of this thing is so close as to be pretty nearly indistinguishable from ‘the real thing’. And looking at its construction and build quality, I couldn’t help but to be very impressed with it. It’s comparably priced to an Epiphone Les Paul, but truth be told, and after having played both, I’d spend my money on the Agile AL-3100. The Epi is also made in Asia anyway, so what the heck?

The two SX instruments that I own (SJM-62 ST guitar, and SJMB-62 bass) totally beat up on the comparably-priced Squier ‘Affinity’ series instruments in all conceivable criteria. The SJM-62 guitar actually got a quite favorable review in Guitar Player magazine, written by a guitarist in the well-known band, the ‘Hellecasters’. To quote: “This thing is a Blues machine!”

The only QC real issues I’ve seen on these instruments is that sometimes the fret ends aren’t dressed-off as well as they should be, and they may need a fret-leveling. To me, these are easy fixes. And even if you took the instrument to a luthier to get this work done, you’re still way ahead of the game. The low price of these instruments makes them perfect for the DIY’er type to learn these kinds of repair & setup skills on, because you wouldn’t be afraid to mess around with them as, for instance, you would be with a $1500 Gibson.

The fit & finish on these guitars is quite good, too. My SJMB-62 bass had a couple of pickguard screws that looked like they went in not quite perpendicular, but it was a very simple task to epoxy some toothpick stubs in those holes and then re-drill them nice & straight. This issue didn’t affect the playability or tone of the guitar at all, of course; it just bugged me a little visually, so I fixed it. Once the pickguard is mounted, the ‘fix’ is completely invisible. No biggie. The finishes on both my SX’s are just beautiful. The 3-color sunburst on the six-stringer is as well-done as any I’ve ever seen, and both instruments’ surface finishes are very well buffed out to a mirror-like gloss.

The neck/pocket fit on both is quite good, almost tight, in fact. Again I have to compare to Epiphone or Squier, and these SX guitars beat them in this area, too.

Rondo Music is a very customer-oriented company. Whenever I email them with a question, I usually get an answer within hours. They have an excellent reputation for customer service, as evidenced in the reviews I’ve read and in my personal dealings with them. They sell what in my opinion are the very best imported instruments, dollar-for-dollar, that are available today, and they back them up with excellent attention to their customers’ needs.


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