Sears Silvertone Solid State 150 Re-Cap

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Sears Silvertone Solid State 150 Re-Cap

Got this Sears Silvertone SS-150 amp head from Austin CL (craigslist). It was cheap, so I thought, "why not?"

Took it apart and found all the electrolytic caps showing their age. Either goop was sticking out, or one end was expanding... all of them... 22 caps in all, not including the large 6000uF/40V caps. They do show signs of age, but I chose not to touch them until I have the re-cap done...

The chassis is hand-wired, and there are 3 control boards with thru-hole mounting. Here's some pics (before):

Sourcing Replacement Caps - Mouser Electronics

I found a good source for the chassis caps. Here's what I ordered from for this phase:

Replacing the Caps

...more to follow...