Pick Punch!

I just got this super-cool little device for Christmas from my daughter! I had stumbled across it on the Web just a couple of weeks before Christmas, and knew I had to have one, so I put it on my 'Wish List' and my kiddo got me one.
I've had some serious fun with this thing, trying out different sheet plastic materials and thicknesses to see how well they'd play. I made one really excellent discovery for bass picks, that of liquid laundry detergent bottles as a source & material that's just right for bass picks. I find that this High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material is very wear-resistant, and its relative softness gives a far less noisy & 'clicky' attack on bass strings.
But I digress, as usual...back to the Pick Punch itself...
This device is very solidly-made and quite stout, for the strength it needs to punch thru fairly thick materials. It looks, innocently enough, quite a bit like an office stapler. It's very well engineered (and I should know about this, because I'm a mechanical designer) and nicely finished in chrome & black, with the Pick Punch logo in red on top.
Their website (www.pickpunch.com) has all sorts of interesting ideas for making picks with embedded images and such, and also offers various materials & thicknesses for making your own picks, as well as tools for finish-sanding the pick edges to a nice smooth finish. The website itself is very well produced and executed; very easy to navigate. I encourage you to go have a look at it. You'll be inspired to throw down $25 for one of these truly unique tools, and you'll be punchin' picks obsessively in no time! If you're one of those people who are always losing your picks (like me)...no worries....just punch out a few more! This thing gets my nod for the niftiest thing to come along for guitarists in many years!

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