MORE: Artec EBC4-CR Bass Pickup Mudbucker Clone

Artec EBC4-CR Bass Pickup Mudbucker Clone

That's it! I give up!

I received the new Artec pickup from the Ebay seller and installed it in my bass. And Guess What? IT HUMS, TOO!!!

I don't know if it's inherent in a 'humbucking' pickup that has that much gain/DC resistance (30 K), but this thing buzzes like a chainsaw, no matter what I try!

It's been years since I've heard a 60's Gibson EB-0 bass, but I really don't remember them humming like this, and this pickup is supposed to be a dead-ringer, tone-wise, for those original Gibson pickups. Huge, Enormous, Fat, Tumescent bottom-end...but virtually ZERO highs.

Now, it could be that once you get some physical distance from the amp to the guitar, the hum might go away, and I've only played on this thing in a small bedroom, about 6-8 feet away from the amp. No matter...if it hums at 8 feet, I don't really want it.
Besides, the polepiece spacing is wider than the string spacing on my Epi EB-0, making it almost impossible to get a solid sensing on the E and G strings.

I spent money on this pickup that I will try to get some of back by selling it on Craigslist, but I'm not going to ever use it. I'll just chalk it up to 'research', I guess.

This product is NOT RECOMMENDED by this writer!