Little-Bitty Practice Amps: Peavey 'Rage 158'

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Peavey Rage 258 Amp

Just a note: The Peavey Rage 258 is now available. You can get the 158 in the used marketplace. Click here to buy a Peavey Rage 258 now.

I mentioned before that the distortion channel on this amp seemed to lose the high-end the more you cranked the pre-EQ gain (distortion) knob up. Well, I figured out how to fix that....TURN THAT LITTLE SUCKER UP, the post-EQ/master volume, that is! I had the opportunity while home alone today to crank that lil' rascal up some, and now I'm going, "Oh, OK!". I was finding it a bit shrill with the tone settings I had for low volume, which was low & mid at about 1/4, high all the way up. With it cranked up, I set all the tone knobs in the middle, and it was 'just right'.

I am truly surprised at how loud this 15W amp is. But then again, the rule-of-thumb has it that a 15W amp should actually be about half as loud as a 150W amp (I think I have that ratio right...). That seems kinda weird, but the power requirement vs. volume increase isn't linear at all.
Anyway...this small amp does indeed crank out a lot o' loud, and is one of the better-sounding 'practice amps' I've yet to hear. I still have a bunch to go, though.

Stay tuned. I'm slowly working on that 'wall of practice amps'. Hey, if Geddy Lee can have clothes dryers and vending machines in his backline....