Har-Bal Mastering Software Review

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Har-Bal Mastering Software Review


HarBal Mastering Software Review

HarBal, har-bal, or however you want to type it, is a very useful audio mastering application in my home recording studio tool box! From tweaking individual tracks like guitar or bass, to adjusting the frequency balance of whole songs, HAR-BAL is definitely a go-to application!


Har-Bal - On to the practical application:

This project started with an old gig tape cassette... I am posting the wav files, to provide the 'best' samples possible, so you can hear the differences, if I've done my work correctly. I think the results are pretty good considering the original source media.


Actual Steps including Har-Bal

  1. Harbal | Original File
  2. In this example, I'm taking a raw track digitized from an OLD cassette tape. The tape was recorded live at a gig in late 1981. That old tape sat around for about 23 years (freezing temperatures to 100+ in the shade, 3 states) before it was transferred to the digital realm. After all that, well I guess that brings us here...

    Here is the original track: 04_Frustrations_orig.wav

    Harbal screenshot of Original File:

  3. Har-Bal | Mixed File

  4. Several critical things were considered as the mixdown of "The Plutonians Live Set" was started. The following were achieved using Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro and a few well applied VST plugins:

    1. Add space
    2. Enhance vocal
    3. Reduce harshness
    4. Balance mix

    Here is the mixed track BEFORE Har-Bal is applied: 04_Frustrations_mix.wav

    Harbal screenshot of Mixed File:

  5. Har-Bal | File with HarBal applied
  6. I wanted this track to have a richer bass response, and to even out the mid and upper frequencies.

    Here is the mixed track AFTER HarBal is applied: 04_Frustrations_HarBal_applied.wav

    Harbal screenshot of File AFTER HarBal is applied:

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