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Guitar Scale Mastery System

Do you want to know more about guitar scale mastery on your guitar neck? There are many study methods to master guitar scales including "single-string" scales, "two-string" scales, three position scales, and more.

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There are also different plans to learn and master your guitar neck so you can play fluently in any genre, style, or most any situation! A lot of guitarists, including myself, take matters into their own hands (so to speak) and try, try, try without learning the secret tricks and simple techniques that propel them past other players at an amazing rate!

Interactive learning

Most methods for learning scales give you lots of scale positions or fingerings. They show you some cool licks to work on. They will provide some pretty good backing tracks. Then you are kinda on your own after all that! That probably won't be the best approach for most people. Even though we're really determined to learn and master the guitar scales, most of us need a little extra help and encouragement!

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There is a great bonus with this website's content... it is a is 246 page e-book called Pentatonic Guitar Success. It is geared toward the ambitious guitar player, serious about learning and developing technique and fluidity using pentatonic scale patterns. As a reviewer and student, I find this resource alone to be worth more than the cost of membership to Guitar Scale Mastery. Get Pentatonic Guitar Success Here

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