GEAR REVIEW - Xaviere XV-820 Single Cutaway Electric Guitar

This guitar came into my hands from a friend of mine, whose young guitar student bought it, and found it needed some attention (setup) to play at its best. 'Needed some attention' turned out to be somewhat of an understatement.
Lets' start with:

Fit & Finish:
Actually quite nice in and of itself. The neck/pocket fit is nice and tight, and all the hardware seems perfectly placed and fitted up nicely. The finish is quite well executed, a sunburst in this case. The guitar looks great, and once I got it set up and the bugs knocked out, feels great and plays more than adequately well. The neck is sort of medium in depther...not really thin, nor really chunky. Obviously, this is a 'clone' of a Fender Telecaster, and as such, pretty much feels and sounds like one.

Action & Playability:
Here's the ol' rub...there were some high frets so bad that they'd fret-out from two frets below, rendering the thing pretty much unplayable. One was around the eighth fret, where one might be likely to play a lot. The other was well above the 12th, somewhere up around the 16th or so. These fret-outs didn't affect all strings, though, so I had to be very careful to file away only the portions of the frets upon which the affected strings were fretting out. On the lower one, it was the A and D strings only. On the higher one, it was the D, G, and B only. So I had to reduce the fret height only under those strings...a pretty good trick, requiring a lot of patience and 'cut-n-try'. Eventually, I got them sort of leveled out, at least to the point where if I left the action a tiny bit higher than I'd like it, and a little more relief in the neck than I like, the fret-outs went away. At this staqgfe of this young beginner player, it's good enough.

As one would expect, it sounds like a Telecaster, with piercing treble from the bridge pickup, and a much more mellow, but still somewhat twangy tone from the neck pickup. The output of the pickups is not at all like that of a genuine Fender Tele, though, leading me to suspect that they're the type of copy-pickup that has magnets glued to the bottoms of the steel-slug polepieces, rather than actual magnets as the polepieces themselves, as in a Fender pickup. But tone-wise, it really isn't too shabby. I get that stinging Tele 'spank' from the bridge pickup all day long...just at a slightly reduced output.

Overall Impression:
As regards looks and tone, it's pretty decent...although 'another' Chinese-made brand overshadows it completely, and for a lower price than the $164 that this one sells for. I was really disappointed in those frets being so unlevel with the others, although I have to say that I didn't notice any real problems with the fret ends sticking out the edge of the fingerboard just waiting to slash your finger open. But one it got a little work put into it, it's a decently workable instrument for a guitar student, a very least. It sure could use a real professional fret-leveling, though!
So, out of a possible rating of 10, at this price level, I'd give it about a 6, most of those points being taken off because of those frets being so out of whack. Other than those, it's quite OK.