Freecorder | Free Web Sound Recorder

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Freecorder | Free Web Sound Recorder

You're searching for ways to "record what I hear" or "record streaming audio from internet" or something similar! So was I until I found Freecorder - A powerful FREE video downloader, sound recorder and file converter for Windows.

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Freecorder Features

  • Download Video from 1000s of Web sites
  • Record MP3 Audio from ANY Site
  • Convert to MP3, MPEG4 & more
  • Works in your Browser
  • FLV Player
  • No Spyware or Adware
  • 100% Free

Freecorder Review

  • Easily save video and audio from the web.
  • Convert to many popular formats.
  • Just use handy buttons in your browser.
  • Save YouTube videos (and videos from other sites)
  • Save recently viewed videos on your PC's hard drive.
  • Record any sound you can hear from your PC's speakers. (... this is why I use it! ~msw)
  • Simple audio and video file format converter.
  • Easy highlight and search capability.
  • Install creates yet another browser toolbar...
  • More to come as I use it... (...or maybe not...)