Fernandes Sustainer Project Kits

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Fernandes Sustainer Kits

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You can buy Fernandes guitars from several places on the internet, and I'm saving for the purchase of a Fernandes Revolver Elite in see-thru amber! In addition to purchasing Fernandes electric guitars with the sustainer already installed, you can purchase the DIY sustainer kits and Do-It-Yourself install and configure your very own project guitar. Would you call that a Frankenandes?

My Strat® Fernandes Sustainer Project

I'm working on a strat project and I'm presently in the design phase. I purchased a Fernandes Dragonfly Pro which has the single-coil sustainer installed. The single coil kit is Fernandes FSK401 Sustainer Kit. They describe it as the "Deluxe System with Single-Coil and Humbucker."

That describes the Fernandes Dragonfly Pro electronics, however my passive pickups are slightly sub-standard. More to follow...