Douglas Hadron 625 Guitar

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Douglas Hadron 625 Guitar

Douglas WRL 590 Floyd TBL Blue

Douglas Hadron 625 is constructed with dual cutaway solid Mahogany body with neck-thru design is light-weight (7 lbs) and has comfy contours for hours of play! HSH pickup configuration gives you a palette of tonal variations to dial in. 22 frets on the 3 piece mahogany neck opens up those high notes for you to solo to your heart's content.


Beauty is there in the bound rosewood fingerboard, shark-tooth inlays, and gorgeous finish. Licensed Floyd Rose double locking bridge keeps this guitar in tune and allows you to use vibrato to stimulate your senses. Smoky chrome hardware adds to the nuance of this beautifully crafted Douglas Hadron 625 guitar. Can you say shred?

At $199, you can get two!